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turns out JP is better than JC


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so on neo's favorite LP forum, some threads got started about JP vs RR, etc which led to a JP vs Jesus thread. turns out that JP won 70/30 in the poll. lmao


of course, it didnt take long for the thread to get canned because some churchies are unable to laugh about anything.

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Yeah, c'mon....


John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, remember that?

In the context he was saying that, with the Beatlemania in high gear, he was right.


People weren't that excited to get into church on Sunday morning, or to go see the Pope for that matter.

The Holy Rollers probably recognized it as true and then went into said frenzy.


That stuff is in poor taste if you want my opinion, but I see no real harm in it.

Kinda like farting in church....



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I don't think so... Ok, first I will say this so that no one thinks I'm biased: I am not a christian, I can sincerely say I am against most religions and religious stuff.


I am also willing to bet JC can beat JP any day of the week. Even if it's a guitar playing contest.

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seeing as how i am JC, i feel it is important to recognize JP for his talent, and JC not me for giving JP that talent, and for JP to inspire me JC to become a good guitar player, and i must thank JC not me for making me JC a good guitarist




so the real answer to the question is somehow, chuck norris farted in church and john belushi is the father





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