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Unusual LG-1


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Greetings all,

I recently listed my 2017 J-45 Standard in local classifieds in search for a LG-2/L-00  guitar because I found the size of slope shoulder dreads to be a little too uncomfortable for me.

I have been offered a 1966 LG-1 (SN 856195) that has piqued my interest. The seller says that the guitar is in great condition and crack free and is completely original. aside from the swapped the saddle, bridge, and nut (still has the original parts).  What is very unusual about this one is that he claims that this particular guitar was built with X-bracing rather than the typical ladder bracing you see on LG-1s.  

From what I can see from the pictures, I gather some other aspects of the guitars not original as well. The butterbean buttons may have been changed as they look too clean, TRC definitely replaced, and my biggest concern is the finish. The sun burst looks uneven and sloppily done compared to the bursts done back in the day. As far as the bracing goes, there's no back center strip and the current back configuration is akin to all ladder braced LG-1s. However, the picture of the inside of the guitar shows the X-brace clearly. 

Can anyone solve this mystery of the originality of this LG-1 and if I should proceed with the trade? Thanks 









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First thing you have to give some thought to is how comfortable you would be with a guitar with a 1 9/16" nut as compared to the 1.725" nut width on your J45. I also would want to give the guitar a good inspection outside and inside.  If the guitar started life as an LG1 there should be some evidence of a footprint of where the original ladder bracing had been.  Conversely, I would be checking the back to see if I could spot any remaining glue residue from where a back strip that would have been on an LG2 had been.  A blacklight can reveal something about a guitar's back story the naked eye will miss.  Regarding the finish, I find it tough to make a call as really capturing a burst in a photo can be tough.  


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Had an LG1 as my one and only for +/-  40 years.  Based on the 4 or 5 photos which appear to be of good quality - I'd say that is not a burst from that era.  Dark edges too thin/hi-lighted center too wide and bright.  Since plastic bridge was replaced, and top probably refinished - other things may have been done.  Still strip tuners, maybe just the buttons were replaced - you're right, their too clean looking.  Pickguard looks to be right except for the fact you can almost see the bright portion of the burst underneath - the original pg was thick and dark.  

Does it have the "LGI'  black ink stamp visible  inside the sound hole on the inside of the back ?       

Bottom line is - how does it sound compared to the price?  LG1s are going for around $1500.  Not sure is this Bride of Frankenstein should command that much.  If I were me, I'd not trade a 2017 J45 for a pig in a poke.  

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