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Dear forum,

I ordered a new compensated bone saddle from Bob Colosi. It almost fitted my j45 TV perfectly, width n height just needed a bit of sanding.

Tonewise the guitar became more articulate still keeping it's very warm tone and big bass.I didn't change the strings btw so I have a pretty accurate comparison of before n after.
The high e-string became a tiny bit harsh (acoustically, no pick up installed , it stands a little out compared to the B and G. I was wondering if smoothening and rounding the edge (shoulder of the saddle towards the neck) would soften the tone of the e-string a bit. The edge of bobs compensated saddle is pretty sharp.
The older saddle was a non compensated bone saddle with a round profile btw. It sounded great but I was always wishing the trebles a bit more present in fingerpicking.

I was hoping to hear some of your thoughts .. and did anybody do that already ? 

All the best, Paul

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