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I got a sticky neck


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Hi all, I'm a happy owner of an 2008 SG Classic that I got a few months ago and have to say that I really like that P90 & mahogany sound, BUT after a couple hours of playing the neck gets really sticky and slow. I wipe it down but it still seems slow.


Can I polish it with something good to help? I'm concerned about ruining the nitrocellulose. I live in Italy and so getting the approved Gibson polish is a bit complicated.



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Well I have to admit that I enjoyed reading that thread you attached Kolera, thanks. But now I'm a bit torn



1) Jimi Hendrix the sucker

2) Soak it down and have it for dinner


Hum.... maybe I'll go for option #1 even if option #2 is intriging.


I sand paper new drum sticks because they're just too slick and go flying, but what the hell, a pair of sticks cost 10 bucks. I'd worry about screwing up my new SG. BTW, when I got it a couple of months ago, it had a really strong smell, not bad, just strong. I hang it in the living room, (I have really good wife) and now when I walk past it (the guitar), I can still smell it but it's alot less smelly (still the guitar, wife's ok too). I do wash my hands however before I play, just writing junk on the keyboard can crap up my hands and slow down my lightning fingers....


Thanks again to all.

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