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1952 J-185 VSB finish

Bob Isaac

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Has anyone bought one or had a good look at one. I got one a few days ago my mail order and the finish looks like it has been rubbed over with a mild abrasive. Light scuff marks all over the body and a matt finish. I looked at the pics of the one on Thomann web site and that appears to have the same finish. Is this correct or just poor workmanship?

See all pics here and several show the marks:  https://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_1952_j_185_vintage_sunburst.htm



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If its called the VOS (Vintage Original Spec) finish, then it is supposed to look like that. I guess its was how they made them look like it was not a brank spanking new guitar. 

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8 minutes ago, Bob Isaac said:

Yes so I am told. But after a few cleans with Gibson polish it does not show too much, just when the light catches it, and you need to be close. Great sounding guitar, lots of clear tones.

Yep, If you polish as matte/satin finish guitar, well . . . its no longer matte/satin.

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Hi Bob isaac!! How are you?? Ohh i saw a post yours of a roy Orbison 2007 thats writen MHB inside at label.. I have one of theese too, number #93 and its written MBH too, did you find whats does it mean please?? I sent a e-mail to gibson but they dont answer yet... If it is Memphis Hand Build the guitar its different from the others?? Thank you in adavance!!!

Best regards!


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