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How much for Custom Shop like this?


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Probably, I never thought about it.  I don't know anything about Fedners other than a lot of really good players have them.

That's the only one I have with the banjos, the others are those little Grovers which are too close together or the Steinbergers which look like they belong in Herman Munster's neck but work great.  

For the banjos each of the tuner knobs has a screw on the end and that adjusts the tension of the tuners so if the strings are going out of tune snug them up.

The previous owner put on a roller bridge and oversized strap buttons so my strap is permanently affixed - the cave man's strap locks.

I kept popping the B strings during bends and it just needed a sharp edge on the on the vibrato slot rounded off with some sandpaper which took 30 seconds.

What else, I never really liked the sound of it until I finally realized you just need to back off the TONE knob a little bit - so I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed...  Middle position seems to put the pick ups out of phase so you can channel your inner What The Hell sound.

They hang differently than the Firebird V so that takes some adjustment, I'd have to measure but I think the body is thicker, too - it has some weight to it.  It's a harder guitar to play than the V, it's not just a V with another pick up, ebony instead of rosewood and vibrato, it's a big, heavy monster of a guitar.

The neck on both VIIs that I've had were sticky, it takes a year or two of constantly wiping them down after you're done playing and then they knock it off.  They were both 2005 models, I believe, so maybe the same paint sprayer just got too carried away with the thickness

I can see why they're not very popular AND I can understand why Phil Manzanera kept his all these years.


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I’ve owned a V for several years & really like it.. It takes some getting used to at first but I’m comfortable with it now.. I like being able to play so high up the Neck! The Mini Humbuckers have a totally unique Sound which I really like.. 

Steve Ford, yours looks amazing! 

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Thanks.  I chased it all over the country for three months:  it would pop up for sale and I couldn't afford it, a few weeks or months later it would pop up somewhere else, same financial position and FINALLY I snagged it by begging my wife to loan my $700 for a few days!

With a little patience a used one will pop up at a reasonable price.

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