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Gibson les paul custom pancake 1971 pickup covers


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I have a les paul custom 1971 cherry "pancake" and I noticed that there are some with the gibson logo embedded on the pickup covers and some without. Is it legit? I have seen both options just wonder what's the difference? 

Also I saw they are now up to $9000 on Reverb. Can someone confirm it? 

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16 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

One guy on Verb had his '71 listed at 14k then dropped it back to 9k. Its been there for 7 months, so you do the math?

Thx. So what would be the "right" value then? Saw some guys trying to sell them for that price but most of them goes for $7000/$7500 

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1971 "Gibson" logo on PU covers RARE https://reverb.com/item/56049676-gibson-les-paul-custom-1971-gibson-logo-on-pu-covers-rare?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=56049676


Gibson Les Paul Custom 1972 a very cool LPC in a faded Cherry'burst w/mahogany neck & pat.# pickups. https://reverb.com/item/57976040-gibson-les-paul-custom-1972-a-very-cool-lpc-in-a-faded-cherry-burst-w-mahogany-neck-pat-pickups?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=57976040


These are only 2 examples. What would you say would be the actual sale price? 



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