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Epiphone Jim

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Hi guys. Do the two photos tell anyone exactly what SG I have ? I know it's Korean (yes, I can read ! ) and the serial number says it' either 1985/95/05 but the headstock looks a bit different to other SGs I've seen and the Epiphone logo is straight and not angled. It's also got twin humbuckers and 2 volume and 2 tone controls. Thanks in advance.

Possible 85 or 95 or 2005 SG.jpg

Possible 85 or 95 or 05 SG pic 2.jpg

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Hello! Can someone tell me something about this epiphone?. The second owner tells me that the headstock and tailpiece and the volume and tone controls have been replaced by gibson ones. The fretboard looks like ebony. Behind the headstock appears the number 062001 and this person tells me that she is Korean from the early 80's. Can someone give me information?

Thank you very much!



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Ok the OP is a 2005 Samick made SG g-400 similar to this one


@jorge82 yours looks like a 90s Joe Pass, maybe pre-joe pass emperor. new bridge, oddball TRC, but definitely not what people think of when they hear 80s emperor. the matsumoku ones are pretty amazing and go for good money- this one looks pretty rough and MIK joe passes are a dime a dozen, so i wouldnt say this is anything all that special and looking at the reverb, if anything it's overpriced

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Hm a Korean made Samick "set neck" G400 with a scarf joint with dot inlays a cut down style bell nut cover and stock Rotomatic's in very good condition, like this one below, could go for about 200 US +.


Note that the lessor model G310 with the bolt-on neck would have the SN on the neck plate.

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