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93 Les Paul Classic - Thoughts?


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Yeah, that's a decent deal.

I've seen new Classics in the $1,500 range here and there, but usually around $1,700 is a good new price.


Gibson really played fast and loose with the whole "reissue" thing over the last 30 years so confusion is normal.


They had the headstock and slimmer neck of the original 1960, many had a "1960" pickguard on them.

Beyond that, it's simply a Les Paul with ceramic pickups and some greenish-looking inlays.

Those pickups and the skinny neck drove many LP purists away, so the price stayed lower.


I say put whatever pickups you want in it (BB Pros for mine) and enjoy.

If I did it over again, I would put 57 Classic/Classic Plus pickups in it.

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