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Pulled the trigger - J185

Geoffrey Lawton

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well - haven't posted in a while but I figured I would

since I just bought of the clearance J185s they had at MF.

Hope it's a good one or it's going back. It has the crosses

on the bridge which I prefer so it must be NOS. I've seen

a few of these 'cut-outs' around the web. We'll see.

I had one of these before but - stupid me - sold it for the next

best thing. It's one of the few I've ever REALLY missed.

Anyway - now I have to sell some stuff quick 'cause I really can't

afford this one. Wish me luck.

GAS is nasty stuff, eh?


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Thanks for all the positive comments.

BTW - I'd rather try the git first as well (who wouldn't?).

And you'd figure that living about 10 miles from downtown

Boston would give me plenty of opportunity to try almost

anything I could think of in the guitar world. No so.

The only place I've found that regularly stock Gibsons is

the local GC and they never have anything more exotic

that an AJ. So the internet is a must. Thank goodness

MF has a very liberal return policy.


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