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Interesting Article on the Current Music Industry


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There is a young man from this area who went viral yodeling Hank Williams in a Walmart.

They've been "developing" him for several years and he is getting very close to "breaking out" as a slick, good looking, well-rehearsed country music star.

I know for a positive fact they will take the time to develop talent.

They will also drop that talent in a flash if they think it's played out or is too hard to work with. Hell, they dropped Johnny Cash moments before some of his greatest work.

The machine only cares about itself.

It's always been that way.

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Tons of groups we like would not make it today. Today Ken and Barbie County, EDM, and (C)rap music is what the industry is backing. Or  safe music made for 12 year old girls to listen to, and so they can show off their bracelets they made.

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