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So, I bought this used empty fender cab, loaded my 12" Emenince wizard into it and plugged in the single ended amp I built. I know the electronics are still in their break in period.


I'm not sure if I like the sound yet of this speaker, but this is a brand new speaker. Does anyone here know how long does it take to break in a speaker?

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If you got the speakers new' date=' did they come with a info pack or something. Also you could check their web site. BTW the Eminence web site is really cool you can listen and compare all of their models.




I thought it may have come with paperwork or something but it only came with a general tag about the companies two types of speakers - red coat and patriots


I read something about speaker break in period too, but my books are at home and I am not at the moment.


I was given a link about how Weber speakers breaks their speakers in to have a warmer tone. They use a variac set on low watts and acetone.

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You can play music through the speaker to brek it in faster, I did that with the Eminence that came in my Epiphone Cabinet. I have made some mods to the amp so the difference is speaker sound got lost in the mix but I have read people recommending this method.

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According to Celestion when it comes to speaker break in:


How do I break in my speakers?


Important Note! Before breaking it in it's advisable to "warm up" the speaker gently for a few minutes with low-level playing or background hum.


Break in a speaker with a fat' date=' clean tone: turn up the power amp volume to full, and control the level with the preamp gain. Use a level that will be quite loud, but not painful in a normal size room.


Have the bass and mid up full, and the treble at least half. On your guitar, use the middle pick up position (if your guitar has more than one pick up) and play for 10-15 minutes using lots of open chords, and chunky percussive playing. This will get the cone moving, and should excite all the cone modes and get everything to settle in nicely. The speaker will continue to mature over the years, but this will get it 95% of the way to tonal perfection in the shortest time.[/quote']


I've replaced a couple of speakers (one in my '66 Fender Champ and one in my Blues Junior, both with Webers) and I found an appreciable difference within the first 5-10 minutes.


I asked Ted Weber about break in period after replacing the speaker in my Champ. Here is the conversation:


I noticed that' date=' after about five minutes of playing, the speaker seemed a little softer and less stiff sounding. I've heard that speakers have a break in period but the time period I've heard of is usually around 10 hours of play time. Is that what is going on or am I just imagining things after playing my other amp with a 2x12? [/quote']


Nope' date=' that's right. Some speakers take up to 20 or more hours to break in.[/quote']


On a side note, the speaker I put in the Champ is a Weber 8A100T and, after three years of use, I can't more highly recommend that speaker for a Champ. It has a really nice (crap, I hate this adjective...) CREAMY sound to it; there's just a really sweet "give" to it and, for an 8", has just enough low end so that the Champ doesn't sound as small as it is.


Champ with Les Paul and King of Tone overdrive (video - please be kind)

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Oh no you di(d)n't! creamy?


Just kidding, that's a good demo.


Another thing about speaker breaking HAS to be the doping, you know the circle of sticky stuff they put around the suspension? all around the cone? I would think that a speaker with heavy doping would take longer to break than one without it.


I have a cab with a Weber Blue Dog and that speaker has no doping, better for some appliucations but it does not handle others well.


The good thing is that the 7 power chords I know sound all good.

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