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Inherited a gibson


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I inherited an old gibson.. all i know is that i was told its a gibson jumbo and that it was purchased used from a music store in wisconson my guess would be between 1945-1951 by my father inlaw when he was 13.. i cant seem to take a pic thats small enough to upload

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Looks like a Southern Jumbo/ Country Western

Look at the info below to try to get an idea.

Really need more picts to help more.

Only thing we see is Natural finish, bound fret board, 19 frets which suggest a 1954 or early 1955. I don't know if they made natural finish prior to '54.




From Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson flattop vintage guitar collecting (guitarhq.com)

  • Southern Jumbo (SJ), Country Western, SJN, SJN Country Western Flattops
    Available: 1942 to present
    Collectibility Rating: 1940's models: B+. 1950's models: B-. 1960's square shoulder models: D-.
    Rumor has it Gibson made this model for their sales reps below the Mason-Dixon line. Basically the SJ was a replacement for the J-55. The Southern Jumbo is a great model, basically a fancier version of the J-45. An excellent model, fairly easy to find but a great guitar. I love this model, especially the "banner logo" versions!


    1942 Southern Jumbo introduction specs:
    16" wide, round shoulder dreadnought shape, mahogany back and sides and neck, mahogany neck and neck block, bottom belly bridge (belly towards endpin, which was the opposite of what all other flattop Gibsons used after WW2) with 2 pearl dots, some models with rectangular bridge instead of a bottom belly bridge, multiple bound top and back, constrasting wood strip down center of the back, neck heel sometimes caped with white celluloid, fire striped teardrop shaped pickguard, double parallelagram pearl fingerboard inlays, "Only a Gibson is Good Enough" gold silkscreened banner logo, unbound rosewood fingerboard with 19 frets, some with ebony or maple non-adjustable truss rod, multiple soundhole purfling, sunburst finish. Two batches of rosewood back and side SJ's were made, FON batch number 910 and 2005.


1943 Southern Jumbo specs:
tortoise grain pickguard material, no neck heel celluloid cap. Many made with poplar neck block (instead of mahogany) and non-adjustable ebony or maple truss rod, and some with a black "skunk stripe" down the center of the top. Also laminated maple necks were quite common. Laminated maple back and sides are also sometimes seen (rare).
1944 Souther Jumbo specs:
adjustable truss rod is the norm.
1946 Southern Jumbo specs:
No "Only a Gibson..." banner, but still used old style "Gibson" gold script logo.
1947 Southern Jumbo specs:
Bound fingerboard, fingerboard inlays now pearloid (celluloid, instead of pearl).
1948 Southern Jumbo specs:
new style "Gibson" gold block logo.
1949 Southern Jumbo specs:
"top belly" bridge (belly towards soundhole, as used on most other flat tops models of this period). This style of belly bridge is better, as the belly does not interfere with the vibration of the top between the bridge and the endpin.


1954 Southern Jumbo Natural (SJN) specs:
natural finish offered and called the "SJN" ("N" for natural top).
1955 SJN/Country Western specs:
SJN natural finish now called the "Country Western." Pearl "Gibson" peghead logo replaces gold silkscreen, and pearl crown peghead design added to this model (both SJN and Country Western seen with pearl peghead attributes in 1955.)


Mid to late 1955 Southern Jumbo specs:
Longer pickguard with point at upper bout, one additional fret added (20 frets total), lower non-scalloped top braces used, pickguard shape changed from teardrop to a pointed style.
1960 Country Western specs:
Country Western renamed back to "SJN".
1961 Southern Jumbo, SJN specs:
Adjustable saddle bridge, cherry sunburst also offered.
1962 SJN specs:
SJN renamed "SJN Country Western".
1963 Southern Jumbo and SJN Country Western specs:
Square shoulder dreadnought body shape, 3 point pickguard, plastic bridge.
1964 SJ and SJN specs:
rosewood bridge with adjustable saddle.
Southern Jumbo and SJN Country Western discontinued 1977, and then reintroduced in 1991 (with round shoulders). Model still available today.
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Inherited my father's j50...I thought it was from the '63-'64 yrs but my mother claims it was earlier... The serial number is an S 1733 4 N.

I think I have it down to 1959 but I'm not 100% certain and would like to insure it for a proper amount.


thanks for any help if anyone sees this.


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