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Jim Ladd... RIP


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Jim Ladd, icon of Los Angeles rock radio known as 'The Last DJ,' dead at 75 (msn.com)


Every major market had their best. In Mesa/Phoenix it was Toad Hall on KDKB. Open format radio from the late 60's until the station sold out in 1977. Or perhaps it was Bill Compton. Or Nina Joy, the first woman to rock the Valley.

The 50's generation had the Wolfman. And Casey Kasum during the 60's.

I got into radio because of great "jocks" and really enjoyed it, well except for the pay.

I'd never heard Jim until Sirius/ Deep Tracks, and never was much of a fan even then, but he surely has his place in history because of the time he lived and the knowledge of said time. I'm sure people who grew up in L.A. remember him.

Godspeed, radio dude.

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While in the Navy I was stationed in Orange County CA 1978-1980 and listened KMET mainly  I believe he was there during that time.  I believe he also broadcasted live from the stage during the intermission while Pink Floyd The Wall was being performed at the LA Sports arena..  I say I "believe" since the whole night was chemically enhanced..lol   I was 20 years old so oh well.  R.I.P.   Jim Ladd. I heard him a lot along with some other great DJ's KMET had.

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Jim Ladd was one of the best DJs in the LA area during my youth and beyond. On KMET and KLOS, he was the guy who played what HE wanted (and not some corporate suit program director's mandated song list), and everyone loved him for it. Headsets was always a personal favorite - put on some decent cans and let Jim take you on a little journey - theater of the mind. He was great, and I was lucky to grow up in Southern California during the time when he was doing his thing. He was one of a kind, and he'll definitely be missed. 

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