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Real 70's Custom or Not?


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No way this is got to be a Fake. Isn't the Binding way too thick and the strap buttons different and the hardware just too new looking and what about the screwed on gold plate with a serial # on it and the words The Les Paul

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nice avatar btw' date=' but yeah, i'm 99.9999% positive that's modded. Just look at it, the pickups are lined up all screwy.[/quote']




I wouldn't make judgment based on one picture! Then I'd want to see it in the flesh first. There are issues.


Be cautious!



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A John Sutherland From Gison USA Custmer Service was given all these photo's and has Determined the Following.

From the photo's sent it does appear to be Genuine.


Photo's of the truss rod cavity would further help in determining it's Authenticity.



So what's up

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According to the Dealer thats selling this one. It was owned by a Gibson Employee and this Guitar was sawed in Half right by the middle pickup. See photo below.




The Gibson Employee then took the Guitar from the Gibson Factory and re-Glued it back together.

According to Gibson's Custmer Service they do saw them in half if its a Defect.


But looking at this photo of the side and the neck joint.




I have yet to see the body right by the neck joint extend out about an Inch and Binding soo thick.


Anyone Agree with me and or care to show me photos of their 70's Custom of this view to compare?

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