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great rogers of the past

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Only name


* Roger I of Sicily, Norman ruler of Sicily

* Roger II of Sicily, Norman ruler of Sicily

* Roger, bishop of Worcester from 1163 to 1179

* Roger, a porn star

* Roger, Brazilian football goalkeeper

* Roger Roger, French composer


First name


* Roger Adams, Nobel Prize chemist

* Roger Andrew Taylor drummer for Duran Duran

* Roger Angell, baseball writer for The New Yorker

* Roger Avary, motion picture director

* Roger Bacon

* Roger Bannister, first man to run the four minute mile

* Roger "Syd" Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd

* Roger Berrio, Colombian weightlifter

* Roger E. Billings (1948–), an American entrepreneur and developer of high-tech products

* Roger Joseph Boscovich, Croatian-Ragusan physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, and Jesuit

* Roger C. Carmel, American character actor

* Roger A. Caras, American wildlife photographer and writer

* Roger Casement, Irish patriot, poet, revolutionary, and British Diplomat

* Roger Chan, the Bus uncle

* Roger Christian, pop music lyricist

* Roger Clemens, baseball player

* Roger Corman, B-movie director and producer

* Roger Craig, baseball player

* Roger Craig, American football player

* Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who

* Roger Davis, American actor

* Roger Delgado, British actor

* Roger Dobkowitz, a producer and stats expert for The Price is Right.

* Roger Donaldson, movie producer and director

* Roger Ebert, motion picture critic

* Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player

* Roger Galera Flores, Brazilian football (soccer) player

* Roger Fortin, Canadian boxer

* Roger Frugardi, medieval surgeon

* Roger García Junyent, Spanish football (soccer) player

* Roger Gibbon, Trinidad and Tobago track cyclist

* Roger Glover, Welsh/English bassist, keyboardist, songwriter, and record producer.

* Roger Gonsalves, Software Engineer, Blue Star Infotech Ltd

* Roger González, Mexican singer, actor and conductor of Zapping Zone

* Roger Goldammer, canadian bikebuilder

* Roger Goodell, Current commissionner of the NFL

* Roger Guerreiro, Polish football (soccer) player of Brazilian descent

* Roger Ilegems, Belgian track cyclist and road bicycle racer

* Roger Ingram, American trumpeter, educator, and author

* Roger Manganelli, bass guitarist for Less Than Jake

* Roger Maris, baseball player

* Roger Mayweather, ex-boxer

* Roger McGuinn, singer and guitarist for The Byrds

* Roger Meddows-Taylor, drummer for Queen

* Roger Lee Mendoza, noted pension economist and scholar

* Roger Michell, film director

* Roger Milla, Cameroon international footballer

* Roger Miller, American musician

* Roger Mills, English race walker

* Roger Moore, English actor most famous for his role as James Bond

* Roger E. Mosley, American actor

* Roger Mudd, TV journalist

* Roger Penrose, English mathematical physicist

* Roger Tory Peterson, American ornithologist

* Roger Toussaint, transit worker's union official

* Frère Roger, baptised Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche, initiator of the Taizé Community

* Roger Rees, British actor

* Roger Sessions, American Music Composer

* Roger Sheaffe, British general in the War of 1812

* Roger Sherman, American revolutionary, signer of many famous documents, inventor of congressional system

* Roger Smith, American actor

* Roger Sumich, New Zealand cyclist

* Roger Troutman, American R&B artist

* Roger Vadim, French film director

* [[Roger Vandevert, American Entrepreneur, Coffee

* Roger Waters, English rock musician and songwriter

* Roger Whittaker, British singer

* Roger Wicker (born 1951), U.S. Senator from Mississippi

* Roger Williams (theologian), co-founder of Rhode Island

* Roger Zelazny, science-fiction author


Last name


* Neil Munroe ("Bunny") Roger, English couturier, war hero

* Julius Roger (1819-1865), entomologist

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