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It may sound like a really stupid question...


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Seriously, all Gibsons were made in the USA until just a year ago with only a few notable exceptions.

The Custom Shop was where the killer, one-off custom built stuff came from.


Now half the line comes from the "Custom Shop" and the rest of the regular guitars are just called USA.


Since they combined the Epiphoney website with the Gibson site, it's hard to tell what is what.


If it doesn't say "Custom" or USA on it, it's probably some Asian sh!t best left alone.



Marketing genius.

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Hello i'm a big fan of Gibson Electric guitars' date=' but for a quite a long time a had a really stupid question in my head...

What is the difference between Gibson U.S.A. and Gibson Custom???



I imagine the difference as this;


Aside from binding and special inlays or paint jobs...I imagine that those who work at the custom shop take great pride in the art of guitar building and are happy to be at work producing the best guitars in the world.


I imagine that at the production plant, it's just another day at work. Perhaps some dream of working at the custom shop. Others....dream of going home.


That's life folks!!

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