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Congrats Murph wasn't the last one the 72 recording


Yes it was. I bought it in Tempe around 1980, gigged it all over the East Valley, Apache Jct, Mesa, Tempe, and then moved to Lake Charles, La., gigged it there until around '94 moving up here. The frets were gone at that point and I was an idiot and swapped it off around '95/'96.


I had bought the '79 SG in Lake Charles "New Old Stock", so still had a giggable Gibson, but was doing a lot of Country at the time so it was swapped for a New American Standard Strat. I had to pay $100.00. It was literally beat to crap so I thought I did okay, but I wish I had it back.


We live, we learn, eh?

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I thought that was what you had said I think about it almost everytime I get the Recording model out and play it. Definately a small world I bought my Recording model in Tempe also at the Guitar Center I went in to get some strings and there it was hanging on the wall in the used section. Somebody had traded it in for a Bass and sales guys at GC wasn't even sure what it was. they had, all they could say was that it was pretty old and that the Gibson rep had said it was real and that the serial number was legite. What it was is a perfect Recording model that looks almost like a new guitar the only thing I'm nt sure of is the year Gibson kept some strange record back then and they tell me it's either a 72 or a 76 but nobody seems overly sure which. my guess is 76 based on the number but still not sure. My other recording model is a 72 that I'm sure of. on the newer Recording I picked up the only real wear and tear is a small crack on the plastic plate at the bottom of the pickguard where somebody over tightened a screw


Can't imagine a recording models frets with that much play they barely had frets to start with.

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Congrats Murph' date=' Those wine red studios are beautiful!!! Hope to see the pics after Christmas... I guess it's not a surprise...[/quote']




I screwed up and didn't spend enough on gear this year, started crunching numbers and there ya go. I claim ALL gig money because I witnessed a guy get popped back in the '80's.


It's easier for me to just be honest, keep a log for miles drivin', keep good records, ect. I hate having to spend over a grand on myself right before Christmas, so the wife is acting like it's a gift from them to me.


Yea, it's quite the looker, (well I only got to see it for an hour or so......). Really is a nice axe for $1200.00. It's not a Standard or an R8, but I'm using it in bars, and it'll be perfect for that.


And, it'll let the 339 age a little slower.



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