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Vid of me using loop function on Boss ME-70 & RP SG


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Nice chops, man. The solo was clean and had feeling. I like that way better than 10000notes/sec

I thought the audio was good, but I know some people record sound, do video separately, then combine and post. That sounds like a pain in the a$$ to me, but that's what I've heard works best ^^V

I'd love to know how else to do it and what gear is udes to post vids 'cus I was thinking about making one too.

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Well thank you IZ....I do still have the feeling and put it right into the strings on me SG if'n I am able. I just used a cannon powershot A560

on video mode with my amp at low vol an the cam on a tripod ........the settings for quality I don't know ....and the vid cut out before I stopped

but was not that bad. What pissed me off was when I clicked the links off the post the sound was F'd up with some high pitched noise that I did'nt upload. But hey Girl through somthin up we can hear !

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