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Everybody's snoozin' but me, all tuckered from shopping, visiting, wrapping, etc. Tomorrow is our quiet day since we have no guests this year. Should be a real nice, relaxing day.








Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!! cough cough splutter wheeeeze...sorry. Yeah, nice quiet day.

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We're kinda skipping thinking about Christmas at this house. Mom's in Texas, dunno exactly what my younger bro is doing since the snowstorm kinda likely messed up their trip to meet their daughter halfway. His boys, I think, are just doing stuff themselves even though they're only about an hour's drive in good weather. Maybe he'll join 'em.


I've gotta shoot that Christmas dinner with still and video and get a piece and stills out out before 5.


Given how the electricity got flakey tonight and knocked my modem out, I dunno though. <grin> Maybe I'd best just ask Santa for better electricity.



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