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Possible "Find" !!! Help!


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Hello all! I just took a walk-thru because I'm in the market for a home. The owners no longer live there, but in the garage I see a old beat up guitar case. I've been playing for nearly 20 years and have DREAMED of the day of coming across the "find." An elderly lady selling her deceased husbands 1920 Martin, etc.


Anyway, I open it up (I had snuck away from the realtor - sue me). It's a Gibson. I bring it inside. I'm somewhat friendly with the realtor and tell him to pass along the news that the owner should NOT keep this guitar in the cold (it's 11 degreed today) garage and that it could have some serious value.


So it's a beautiful acoustic - I snuck a couple pics that I can upload when I get home from work but all it had inside the sound hole was "LGO." No other numbers. I couldn't inspect it as well as I would have liked but I looked inside the sound hole the best I could - no sign of a serial number.


The LGO appeared in black ink in writing no larger than 3/4 the heith of a penny. The pick guard was screwed on with three screws.


Please contact me if that (which I doubt it does) allows anyone to identify the model.




I'll post the two quick pic's I was able to snap. Thank GOD I brough the camera to take photos of the house! Haha


By the way - what's with the password requirements for this forum??? I tried a 10 character password with numbers and mixed caps and it still wasn't good enough!? Good luck if I ever remember the crazy ars p-word I came up with!

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I cannot see your pic from this computer but LG0s do come up on eBay all the time, there seems to have a lot of them, probably because they were affordable guitars in their day.


The serial number is the way to find out exactly when the guitar was made.


Like it was already said, they go for $500 - $800.


A guy I know has a 1964/1965, his Dad bought it brand new after seeing the Beatles for the first time. He tried to learn to play but quit after a few months. The guitar has been sitting in the attic since then, the nitro finish is completely checked but luckily the strings where left in there with very minimal tension so the guitar plays.


It is kind of eerie to see an old guitar that was never played, the finish looks horrible but in close inspection there are no dents, dings or any wear on the guitar or fretboard.


I tried to buy the guitar from them as it does play well and sounds well but they would not sell it because it has sentimental value [biggrin] ??

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