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Do they still do Brock Burst or 3 Colour Burst Reissues?


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I know I've seen pics of the original Brock Burst guitar and some modern bursts and love the colour, its possibly my favourite. Can anyone define what it is? I presume its called Bourbon now for legal reasons?


Doing a little research here and I've answered my own question, I think.




The (complete) Les Paul body on the right is the original Brock guitar. It has a darker colour red than cherry burst and the red never quite leaves the burst, even in the middle there is a slight tint.


Here's a pic of some lucky guy's BrockBurst R9:




Am I on the right track? Anyone got a pic of a Bourbon?

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Am I understanding the second part of your question correct....your also looking for this color?...The Triburst?






Great top, and great use of the lighting for the photo! That's a poster shot!

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