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Hello guys and gals. i again have another problem with my les paul '57 reissue.


for some reason my 5th string seems to be muted. Like it doesnt ring out as much as the other strings and it even sounds like it is being muted.


I put a new pair of Ernie Ball Custom 10 Guage strings on it. I even replaced the 5th string 2 times. It did nothing.


Anyone have any idea's on whats happening?


It sounds muted when its unplugged but hardly sounds it when plugged.

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it sounds muted all the time. and i checked from the tuner to the back of the bridge and everything is in place. but i looked again at the tuners and the 5th string is touching the 6th string wrapped around the its tuner. any idea if that's why its muted?

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sounds like the same problem i had ,( 2008 standard)2nd and 3rd string,

when you tune up do you here a tink , pink kind of sound?( sorry for my super scientific disrcription)my 3rd string did it 2nd did'nt tho, it was the strings getting bound up in the nut slot, needed to be filed wider, DO NOT ATEMPT TO DO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take it to your local tuneup guy , hopefully someone who knows what their doing and have a complete setup done , tell him the problem if thats it its a real simple fix,

(but see the capital letters and multiple explanation points)


fixed mine right up sounds better , plays better , bends better , stay in tune better ,all kinds of betters

all part of a good setup ,shouldn't cost you anymore, or maybe just alittle

if you don't have a set up guy ask around and find a good one, he'll become your new best friend

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