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Super Bowl Pools

duane v

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I did a fantasy playoff league where we picked individual players. I picked:


Peyton Manning (QB)

Adrian Peterson (RB)

Sidney Rice (WR)

Dallas Clark (TE)

Vikings Defense

Ryan Longwell (K)


I paid $25 dollars and am in first place by 30 points. I stand to win $600. All I need is for Peyton to have either a comparable or better game than Brees, because 2nd place has my exact same team except for the QB, which is Brees. It takes a lot for someone to make up 30 points in only one position. Otherwise, GO FALCONS.

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No pools for me... but I gotta say.. MAN what a pot Daune!!! Good luck man!




No fantasy NFL anymore, either. I've played once, got to the "Superbowl", where Peyton Manning tore me a new one [biggrin].

I found I spent far too much time watching teams I didn't follow just to see how that one player was doing... but on the whole it was much fun!

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