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Should I fit a Graph-Tech nut to my LP?


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Hi Forum,


Fairly new poster here from UK, so hi everyone!


I have a 2007 LP Standard which I love dearly. However, as another thread implies, tuning the G and B strings can be problematic with the tuning either going sharp or flat and difficult to get spot on. I realise that this is probably caused by the nut and so have been a recent exponent of Big Benz Nut Sauce whenever I change strings. But I don't find its effect lasts long (OK - maybe I should change my strings more often!). I have read that this is due to the headstock angle, but to be honest, I find this a fairly general problem with most guitars I've owned, including a Strat where the string-run is fairly flat.


Because of this, and what I have read in guitar mags, I have been considering having the nut replaced with a graphite-based alternative (I understand from reviews that the Graph-Tech ones are very good).


Do you knowledgable folks know if this is a good idea? Will it devalue my LP?


Appreciate any advice as I really don't want to screw my guitar up!


Cheers, ren.

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I think the easiest solution would be to periodically losen the strings, lift them out from the nut and apply the sauce.


Why spend money on an expensive nut job when all you have to do is lift a string? That's what I do. I use powdered graphite and have to re-apply it every two/three months or so.

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Why spend money on an expensive nut job .


Expensive nut job. Ar ar ar 8-[



Even if you put a new nut on it will have to be cut so the alternative would be to have the nut that's already there cut properly. Plus different material will affect your tone. I can't speak for graph tech nuts so I don't know if that will be a good or a bad thing.

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