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My J200, unusual?


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Nice color! Looks like a crimson-rootbeer shade. The lower right looks darker as if it was once a burst.........true' date=' or is it just the lighting?




It is a burst but it only really comes to life when stage lights hit it.




A friend suggested it might be from the Gibson custom shop but I have no idea. Love it though!

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Hi brumsongs,


I have the exact same cherry sunburst J200 guitar as you !.


It's at a friends house at the moment so I dont have the exact serial number to hand (will be back with me in a week or two) but the serial number you quote for yours suggests to me that it was made in 1995.


I bought mine in the mid/late 90's from Cranes in Wales (Swansea I think) and they had 2 of them and it took me ages to choose between them. The sales person said that they were a special order from a USA music chain and that they had managed to obtain 2 of them. Where did you get yours ?.


I also have a white J200 made in 1990 which has discoloured to yellow with loads of checking on the finish - anyone have any information on those - the only other one I've seen was from a USA dealer some years ago.





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