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sg standard with maestro

Gibson SG is All I Need

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As far as operation and degree of sweep, both are pretty limited if you're thinking of dive bombing.

For subtle stuff, both the Bigsby and Maestro are pretty cool - but very different.

The Maestro is sorta transparent on the guitar, the Bigsby is big and gets in the way until you get used to it.


The Bigsby may be slightly better if you're really worried about sustain, but my 61 with the Maestro does fine.


Neither are gonna stay in tune with much abuse but they are both stable if you go easy on them.


I love 'em both!

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That's one of those questions that makes absolute perfect sense, and one of a handful of issues that Gibson seems to ignore when it comes to SG's. I've always said between the USA Standard and '61 Reissue, they could offer BOTH with the option of a Maestro (and the Maestro-equipped Std. could simply even be referred to as a "67 Reissue" and most people I think would enjoy it who appreciate the late-60's style Standards).


You'd think with such a simple option (along with making "Cherry/Heritage Cherry" actually RED, fixing the horn-tapers on the Historic SG's and making sure the '61 RI has deep, consistent bevels), Gibson would do it just to capitalize on those folks who would buy it simply because it'd be "close enough" in most respects for many tastes.


Sure as hell makes a ton more sense than Robots, Zoots and other "innovations" that lack any real sex appeal or soul.



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And please Gibson: Make it a CHROMED Maestro!!! Nickel s***s!


Sometimes I think it´s Gibsons intention to build the perfect guitar and mess it up at last.


They built the first Angus-Signature SG. Perfect, so they messed it up with the headstock decal and the Maestro engraving.


Then they made the non aged Robbie Krieger SG. Perfect again. Well let´s mess it up with nickel hardware.


Same goes for the 61 and many others...


I wouldn´t be surprised if they´d really build H-Bombs nightmare. Why not messing up the perfect guitar with a sideways vibrola? It could be THE guitar if they wouldn´t manage to crook it. And I bet they will....




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Hmm, they seem to have fixed the colour issues with heratige cherrry, i have a lovely dark cherry on mine, (about as dark as neo's guitar) But it wouldnt be expensive to chuck a maestro on (or even offer it as a part, like they do with pickups)

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Well, make it an option anyway.


I doubt they will ever do it any different than they ever have.

A new Maestro model will come out at some point, with minor differences to set it apart from previous ones.


The price will probably be stupid for awhile until the demand slows for the guitar.

Then they'll stop building it again.



I'd like to see the choice of a Maestro or Bigsby, on a no bullsh!t gloss-finish SG.

But the profit margin is much larger on $5,000 signature models.

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