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Can anyone find me a video of Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison playing a SG


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Now can we get a video of George playing live during the beatles years with a SG and Jimi?

A video of George playing live with the SG as a Beatle? Probably not. I'll do my best. There may have been footage from the Get Back sesions or the final Let It Be film with his SG.


With Jimi? Almost certainly no.


Go to YouTube and type in Beatles Hey Bulldog. Harrison also plays an SG on Paperback Writer.


I'm a nerd I know..

Don't worry. I knew it too.


[EDIT] If you want a video of George on stage with his SG as a Beatle, you'll never find it. It was only used in public twice - once at Wembley, at what was the final British concert, and in Munich for the first show of the 1966 tour.

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