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Unusual Les Paul..


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People, please don't always answer "it's probably a fake" because usually it's not.


There were some studio standards with bolt-on necks or something, and I've seen a couple of them.


Oh yeah, here it is, this was on the web back in 1998:




LP Studio Standard


Features & Benefits


Scale Nut Length: 24.75"

Nut Wide: 1.68"




Pickups 2 Humbuckers


Hardware Chrome


Scale/Nut width 24.75" / 1.68"


Neck Joint Bolt


Neck Material Mahogany


Fingerboard/Inlay RW / Dot


Binding B / N


Body Material Mahogany / Alder


Top Flame Maple




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I will get back to you on the picture as I know live in London and the guitar is at home in Northampton. I completey forgot I had it if Im honest and hasnt been played for about 3 years. Its cherry sunburst, mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays, humbucker pickups and all gibbo hardware.

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i had no idea they made those

Yeah we know.

That is EXACTLY why you shouldn't have commented as you did. And so often do.

It is better to not say anything and have people doubt your intelligence' date=' than to speak up and remove all doubt.

[i']Ancient Chinese proverb (I don't really know where it came from)


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What i did was;

1 set up a free photobucket account


2 Uploaded my pics to photobucket


3 under each picture in your album,there are 4 codes copy the img one,(the 4th one)


4 and paste it into your message field here on the forum


Hope this helps.


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I have a 1995 Epiphone Les Paul Standard with bolt-on neck.


They were made at the Korean plant (at least mine was). Mine has been great for me.


Yes the plate is exactly the same as mine. I was thinking on selling the guitar as it's just collecting dust and someone else could make better use of it. Do you think it would be worth any more as they are discontinued?

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