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I like this model...would love to try one out but' date=' I really think the flowery pickguard is a little weird. Anyway, does anyone have this guitar and if you do, what are your impressions of it overall?[/quote']


I have one, made by Saein.


The workmanship on mine is very good, but not Elitist level. I think it would be hard to have a flawless finish with all that gold paint, though! The neck width at the nut and overall shape and thickness feels similar to a Casino's, though it joins the body at the 14th fret. The back and top are arched.


The guitar sounds surprisingly good unplugged. The P90's are excellent (as has been my experience with other Epiphones, like the Widkat, that have them). Mine came with spacers underneath them, so the strings are close to the pups when fretted (I have read posts by others who don't seem to have spacers, so the pups are too low).


The tuners and the Bigsby seems well made (I don't use the Bigsby much though).


The pickguard may be a bit floral, but sheesh, it's a huge gold guitar for crying out loud--anything else would look too subdued. Oh yeah, it's about 1/4" thick!


I saw a real '50s era Gibson ES 295 at a guitar show this Spring, and another more recent reissue in a shop more recently. The Epiphone version is more than credible.


Red 333

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I've played several, and found them all very nice --- one or two really stellar. The cutaway shape on recent models is somewhat inaccurate, and the Epi version is thinner by a bit at 3" than the original at 3.5."


For overall value, I'd say the Epi ES-295 is a better buy than the Epi ES-175 --- my opinion only, based on about 4 295's and only 2 175's. so far.

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i have an es295. Just great.play through a Fender Vibroverb w alnico speakers.

Bigsby good.needs heavy strings (012). Mine has a thick neck (they vary).Needs Gibson bridge for sound stability to the top

Bought Gibson replacements,pups,controls etc.Havent yet put them in.Fairly happy with the sound i'm getting w the regular setup.Acoustic clean sound can't be bettered.Neck pup great for most roots music, blues,country,jazz, fingerpicking. I rarely use the bridge pup, only the middle position, for a great strumming sound.The Zoom effects unit i use to cut out some boxey frequencies from my alnicos, and has a very good delay( important for roots music).

More personality than the rather cold Gretsch Electromatics, with with they are frequently compared

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I just got mine, and the ES295 Is great,, From reading the reviews and I would have to say this is Exactly what you get! The pickguard gives it the right for its MOJO!

Anyway I am still not so thrilled with the bridge seems to tilt towards the neck a tad... Bottom is flat... Maybe a good setup.. The PUPS are accurate for sure. Who am I to say much,, I just got her yesterday!

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