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Here's one for you... How to tell if it's a G-400?


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I found this old Epiphone SG from when I first started playing. The serial number is I01062246 and was made in Korea, in 2001. The truss rod cover says "Gibson," and it does NOT have Grover tuners; both qualities of early G-400s. The low E string buzzes incredibly bad even when not being fretted (probably have to adjust the truss rod) but other than that the guitar sounds pretty good. So is there a way I can tell if this is the G-400 model or just the regular Epiphone SG?


It's got the half pickguard, btw.




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Quickly, before RotCanX reads this...


My understanding is that Epiphone never actually made a guitar called the SG. I still call mine that, out of habit, but with Epi you really only have the G-400 (set neck, smaller pickguard) and the G-310 (larger "batwings" pickguard, bolt-on neck). There may be other differences as well, and certainly a price difference.


Oh, there's a G-310 Junior (mine) too.


(Later: Shoot, I'm just repeating what's already been posted.)

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What's a 'regular Epiphone SG'? No such thing. It's always been a G-400. Sounds like a G-400 to me.


Yep, I mentioned this in one of the first few posts... figured you would come in on that point, guns blazing...


Hell, I'm even getting in the habit of referring to my "G-310 Junior".



(I have yet to figure out that 'swing my pants' comment though.)


Wait... is Prolife saying I look like Trev or Simon? Yikes.

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Here's a look at my Epi G 400 Korean made (I confess that I do call it my Epi SG)


Made in 1994 and is a set neck. Hope it helps.





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OK, I'm a little more sober than I was last night and so I'll try again.


Here's my Epi SG as stated previously.








Made in Korea 1994, set neck (no bolts attaching it to the body) small pick guard. If your looks a bit like this I'd say it probably is as you'd first hoped though others more knowledgable than me might offermore precise help.





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It looks just like that guitar. No set neck either, so it's gota be a G-400. I forgot how awesome this guitar is... After sitting for so long, the low E buzzes like hell (I think the nut is worn down) and changing the action doesn't fix it. So, I did a little shopping last night.


Black Gibson speed knobs

Grover 3/3 tuners

Gibson Graphite Nut



Can't wait!


Two more questions:


I do like the full pickguard more than the 60s one that comes on it... I looked on the G-310s and the full pickguard also acts as the pickup holder thing. If I remove those, can I get the full pickguard without drilling?


The tuners I got require me to drill a tiny hole in the headstock. How dangerous is this?


Thanks guys!

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Hi Andrew,


Sorry for the delay in replying, it's not just me that's feeling the worse for wear but my computer is also playing up at the moment. It has taken me a couple of hours to get back on line.


OK, We think it's got a set neck (I think that's what you mean anyway). If it has no bolts/screws attaching it to the body then it's been set and isn't a bolt on. Many say that this helps with sustain. I think this makes it a G400.


I suppose you COULD glue a new pick guard on but it wouldn't be my preference and if you're not too sure of yourself drilling new holes to install the tuners then I'd recommend having a local guitar tech do it. I wouldn't have thought it would cost too much and, what price peace of mind eh?


Hope I've been able to help just a little and welcome to the forum. The guys here are VERY knowledgeable and friendly so don't be afraid of asking for anything. There's no such thing as a daft question (actually I'm sure I'll be picked up on that on, Hehehe!).





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