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I recently bought a Casino VC...I know that the "VS" stands for Vintage Sunburst... This is my first Casino, I went all over including the Epiphone site to find out what VC stands for, but to no avail.... Could someone explain or tell me what the differences between a VC or the VS?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ron:

Thanks a lot.... Now I understand the "C" as in Cherry!! [-X

Anyway... one more question I have... The guitar came with a trapeze bridge and I would like to change it for a Bigsby... Which model will fit this guitar, the B7 or the 70? I have a picture of George Harrison with a identical guitar equipped with a bigsby, but cannot make out the model. Any help will be appreciated. I am new here and I will try to post a picture of my guitar... dunno how to add a pic..sorry.


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