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bass distortion


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Well The classic one is a electro harmonix big muff pi (it's a fuzz), they can be quite expensive, but they are great. Most bassists use the russian version as the transistors give a nicer tone. Boss make some great pedals if you want an overdrive/distortion pedal. A lot of other companies make their own pedals e.g. Ibanez and behringer, I haven't tried either of these and i'm not sure Ibanez make a bass distortion. The behringer are probably the cheapest but aren't as great as the Boss.


Alternatively you could get a multi-fx board with a lot of different effectx built in Boss, digitech and zoom make some good ones, but if you just want the distortion/fuzz then go for a single pedal as the sound will be better than the same effect from a multi-fx board.


Hope this helped and have fun playing bass

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I have the Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz Pedal (on an EB-3 too :-k/ ) It's pretty cool, although I don't have much experience with other pedals. It has two different fuzz options and a Boost, which is nice touch that sounds really cool!


It is pretty cheap though (about $30), so it'll be worth it!

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Back in the day, when I played mostly bass, I used a Sovtek Big Muff. It was very fuzzy and sounded great when paired with a Crybaby wah. I don't know if they still make them, but they may be easier to find and afford than an original Electro-Harmonix.

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Tech21 SansAmp BDDI Bass Driver/DI


Radial Engineering Bass Bone


FullTone Bass Drive .... Mosfet version

is a bit cooler, not a major difference.

Either one is great.


Those 4 I have on hand. One I wanna

try is the MarkBass Boost, not caring

whether it produces XXX-cool distortion,

but mainly for those two filters on it.




My use for distortion is prolly opposite

of most users. I use it when playing very

quietly, to get a tone that has the sonic

characteristics of louder playing but not

the actual decibels or SPL. IOW, I want

an effect of distant loudness heard only

faintly from far away, without actually

having any physical distance involved.


So, I might have my amp "barely above

idle" but with the FX box really cranked.

The effect is of really cranked up sound

thaz somehow gotten faded way down

on its way to your ears. Imagine being

a mile away from a loud festival stage.

Thaz my target .... but actually hitting

it isn't necessary. It's more a matter of

direction than destination.

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I insert my Bass Driver, etc ahead of my

amp. If you insert such devices in the FX

loop, the result is different. And, if it's via

the loop, then it's different for parallel vs

series loops. So when someone tries to

describe the results they are getting it's

not especially useful unless they also

tell you their configuration.


If the driver runs in the FX loop, it really

matters whether the loop is pre or post

EQ. Some devices are equipt with their

own FX loop, which offers you an extra

loop thaz pre everything else inside of

your amp.





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Wow I can't believe this topic is still going. I have not been on here in a while. Since I asked this question I have redone my pedal board. I've been looking for effects that work for bass and guitar. I took a chance on a Behringer Vintage Distortion (Big Muff knockoff). It works for both so guitar and bass. But on bass it sounds best with a humbucker. Really got some growl. On a jazz bass it is weak, so I only use the jazz for clean sounds.

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