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call for help on tuners


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Hey guys, I really like keystone tuners look and started to think about getting em for me dot. Are there any tuners (in silver) that would fit without any extra drilling? My dot has one screw hole only and all I've seen seems to have two.




(sorry if this topic has been already discussed)

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First non grovers but single hole pointed down




then two sets of grovers





or just replace the buttons



but those have to be melted on..


and those fit gotohs..


Hmm. thought I had some grover button urls..but nope. Looks like you'd have to go with the full set.



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I've never seen a kluson backplate with one screw hole.

I have only those urls for the buttons.


all you do to add a hole is get a tiny drill bit.. measure it against the length of the threads.. wrap tape around the end of the bit

at that depth.. drill until the tape brushes away the dust..

and put on the tuners.


I don't think you'll find one screw square tuners.. maybe you will!



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It would probably be sheer luck if you were able to re-use the original screw hole.


I replaced the machines on my Dot with Klusons. After I dry-fitted and marked the location of the new holes, I realized that the bottom hole was too close to the old hole. So I had to plug the old hole (I glued in sections of round toothpick) and drill new holes. You will probably have to do the same with either the Klusons or the Gibsons.


If you go with the Klusons, as I did, you will need adapter bushings (available from Stewart MacDonald). These will adapt the smaller Kluson shafts to the larger holes in your headstock.


If you go with the Gibsons (which have screw bushings like your original tuners) you might not have a problem. If the new bushings are smaller than the old, the screw tension against the washer will probably hold them in place for you just fine. If they are larger, you might have to resort to the dreaded TAPERED REAMER. (Actually, you can just buy a drill bit of the correct size and turn it by hand to enlarge the hole.)



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Just replaced my Epi Les Paul tuners with a set of Gibson Deluxe. The old bushings had to be pressed out. I had to drill up to 10mm (.393). Be careful for chipping/tearout in the headstock overlay. Mine turned out OK (the new washers alow for some error). The Klusion style holes "almost" line up...pre-drilling is a good idea if you don't want the mount screws to crack the headstock. ( candle wax on the screws helps as well) The new Gibson tuner bushings screw in to the tuner nicely. I love the look and feel of the new tuners!...just realize theres no going back after drilling..lol!

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