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HNGD - I finally got one of my all-time favourite guitars...Epi Riviera Elite


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Like the title says...after pursuing one of these for a long time...I finally got one. A nice 2003 Epiphone Riviera Elite (Terada factory). I dont have the guitar yet...it should be arriving here next week...a friend is taking care/using it at the moment.


Here in Argentina is quite a big deal 'cause the Elite and Elitist series were never available at music stores...so getting one is twice as hard than on any other place... this one in particular was purchased from an American guitarist that was touring here...the guitar is in excellent condition with a few cool mods..Bigsby system installed, no pickguard and changed truss rod cover... besides that...the guitar is all original.


So...no more talk....and more action....here you have the pics....









Hope you like it!

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A rare bird indeed. It is absoloutely gorgeous! Congratulations!!! I've always heard Epi has quit making these because they didn't sell as well vs the Sheraton, Dot Casino,etc... but the Riviera is one of my all-time favorites, for me they feel better than anything that I have ever played.



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