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Accessoires for Epiphone LP Standard

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I am picking up an an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony next week, and have a few questions on accessories





a) How do locking straps work? Looks like they can fall off the same as regular straps.

=P~ Are these any good? : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=2041 . Are

c) Does Gibson or Epiphone make any branded straps?


2) STANDS - I've seen two types of stands:


a) a tall stand that hold the guitar at the base and at the neck, like this one : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=195


B) a shorter A-frame type stand ( either open or solid) thats hold the guitar only at the base? http://www.zzounds.com/item--QLKQL631


Is one type better than the other? Any suggested makes?




a) Are there some recommended makes or types?

B) for connecting a guitar to an AMP, does one use a MONO or STEREO cable?

c) are there some makes to stay away from or some typically recommnded? My local dealer had many to choose from, such as : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=1369

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I've never used locking straps, because until recently I barely used a strap, so someone else will be able to better explain that. But I understand that you replace your normal strap button with a locking unit, and there is a part of it which attaches to your guitar strap. Once the two pieces are locked together, you can only get them apart by releasing them, which varies between brands. It's not like a normal strap button where the strap can slip off it.


I've never looked into Epi or Gibson branded straps. Levys make very nice leather straps with a slide adjusment, rather than a belt style adjustment. This is the strap I would own if anyone in this country stocked Levys straps. Nice plain, quality, leather strap that doesn't detract from the guitar. The practicality of a slide adjustment combined with the quality and aesthetcis of a leather strap.


I suggest the longer stand that holds the guitar at the neck. Personally I prefer them. Some a frame ones are made for electrics though, but I prefer to have something supporting the neck as well, seems less likely to fall over to me. I can't suggest a brand, the ones I use are unbranded and I purchase them online.


Mainly I use the cable that came with the guitar for practicing. The one that comes with Epiphone guitars isn't too bad, unlike the piece of crap you get with a Squier. I have a better quality Fender Tonemaster which is longer, for the odd occassion where I will take my guitar and amp out of my music room and into a bigger space. If you stick to any cable from a reputable brand, you'll be fine. cables these days are all much of a muchness really and I doubt you'll be able to tell the difference in sound. The main differences are the sheilding of the internal coil of wire, and what the jack ends are plated with. Gold is generally accepted as the best coating for jack ends I believe.

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You replace the button and screw.

Sometimes it's bigger.. so you have to drill in a bit.

Then you attach the other part to the strap.



I like dunlop straplocks.


I'm sure MF or someone has epi or gibby straps.. ebay or google should turn them up, too.


Either stand works.. I prefer the taller.


Any decent quality cable will work. get switchcraft jacks.. you don't want thin cable.. or plastic jacks.

Belden cable is fine, for example.




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I recently put strap locks on my Epi LP Ultra ll. I bought Pro-lines at GC, they come in gold or chrome to match your guitar. The screws that come with them that you need to you use are the same size as the ones on the Epi so you don't need to drill the holes bigger. They work great. What some photos don't show is the large washer that fastens to one side of the strap hole opposite the large female fitting of the strap lock. There is no way the fitting can come out of the hole.


I also bought a little tube of graphite paste so I can put a tiny drop in the nut slots and the bridge saddles to avoid string binding at the nut and breakage at the bridge.

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Stands should be a major concern. First, stands with rubber or surgical tubing will react to nitro finishers. Not a problem with poly, but something to be aware of. The latex and rubber will react with nitro, leaving marks. I've see white Gibson les paul finishes ruined by stands.


Speaking of ruined Les Pauls, the easiest way to break the headstock on a Gibson or Epiphone is to have it fall off of a stand. Mine goes in the case when I don't play it.


Please be careful!



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I've got some schaller strap locks on my G400 and I wouldn't freak out over the whole stand thing. Just be careful with it but don't mark off stands entirely. As far as cables go, I like Monster cables, a cable is a cable pretty much but the monster ones are pretty long and durable. The only downside is that they're kinda expensive at $30 (Imo).



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