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I was recently able to acquire a Supernova in Manchester Blue, it has a very small chip on the headstock that needs to be touched up. Does anyone know where I might find a comparble color of touch up paint out there?






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You could also look for automotive touch-up paint... the ones that come with the little brush applicator would be ideal. But definitely check the nail polish department. If they don't have the exact shade don't be afraid to blend your own using different nail polish colours.

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Yeah, I use "nail polish" for fixing dings, all the time. When it doesn't match exactly, you can almost always

mix another color...sometimes just a very small amount of a "primary" color, will change it enough to get

that perfect match. Just be sure to do this in sunlight...as I have been fooled a time or two, by doing it

in room light, and then seeing it in "daylight," the match wasn't nearly as close as it had seemed to be,

in my room. From then on, I always mix/match, or even paint in direct sunlight, or at least neutral open shade,

like on bright overcast days, and being watchful of surrounding environmental factors that could alter color...

trees, a brightly painted building nearby, etc. And, of course, that may depend on how "picky/anal" one is,

about such things? LOL!

Another thing on the clear polish...I have seen (and used) some that have a slightly warmer (amber) tint,

that's great for older yellowed or aged finishes. Either as an overcoat, on some sunbursts, for example,

or the back of an amber tinted "Fender" type neck, etc. You can lighten with neutral clear polish, to get an

exact match, as well.


Glad, you found a good match, though. It's always a pleasant surprise, huh?



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Nail polish is a great idea. I bet it's cheaper too. Last time I bought auto touch up (silver for my Ibanez) I walked out of the store with that distinct "just been ripped off" feeling. It was like $7 and I used maybe two drops. Oh well.

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