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I just dont get it...


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Exactly! It's an instrument that has a scratch, or dent or paint screw up ... or basically any guitar you'd buy off the wall at a Guitar Center! Only unlike in the store, the on-line will give you a discount for it!



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ohh lol i get it now' date=' but come on, if i dont buy the blemished one online, they dont give a dicount?![/quote']


Since GC was bought out by Bain Investments they don't negotiate any more. The price is the price unless you find a manager who is willing to break the rules.


I am guessing they run it like all other retail now, I work in retail, and GC is big enough that the stuff that gets beat-up or damaged they can just send back to the DC and then back to Epiphone for credit on new purchase.


Either that or that is some of the gear that shows up now on GC on line, Musicians Friend or 123 as the scratch and dent stuff.

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