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Looking to Up-Grade 1956 Les Paul GT.... help!

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Guest icantbuyafender

what pickups can i drop in that will be either hum canceling minibuckers or rw/rp soap-bars?


as in, which will fit with the MINIMAL amount of routing or damage to the guitar?


any suggestions on a soapbar replacement?


i do prefer mini buckers tho....


Anyone with a '56 GT please reply!

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I put a set of Gibson Mini-humbuckers in mine. The main reason I went with Gibsons is becasue they came with the mountig rings. They dropped right in the cavity, no routing at all. I did need to do a little modifcation, but nothing major. If you go with the Gibsons I can tell you how I did it.


I absolutely love my GT now. I was thinking of selling it until I did this, now it is a keeper.



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More food for thought


I have this guy's pickups in two telecasters...they are every bit as good he says they are...

Everyone I have let play them is amazed at

A) They are great tele pickups...that sound right

=D> Totally noiseless even near flourescent lighting


He is coming out with noiseless p90s in June


They are pricey as hell...



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I swapped my pickups out for Lollar P90's, and the difference in tone was night and day. I also started using an ISP Decimator, which is a noise gate. It totally eliminates the buzz.

The other improvements I made was to replace the pots&caps. I think if you are upgrading pu's, you really need to do them too.

I also swapped out the bridge for a Gotoh.

Everything else was fine. The tuners(import Grover) are, contrary to popular belief, perfeclty fine tuners. The only thing that bugs me about them is that they rattle a bit when there is no string wound on them. Other than that, the work fine.

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GFS makes mini-humbuckers and i'm pretty sure they come with mounting rings. they're dirt cheap and all of their pickups sound as good if not better than other big name brands. check them out..... www.guitarfetish.com


They do indeed. I emailed Jay about this when I was doing mine. His rings are flush mounts. He said his wouldn't work and he recommended that I go with a set of Gibsons.


GFS does sell P90s that are hum cancelling when the switch is in the middle postion. I jsut descided I wanted minis and couldn't be happier.

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