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HNAD to me! PICS

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I got that for a Christmas present last year.


First month or so that I had it, I hated it. I thought, thank God I didn't buy this myself.

Then I just tried some of my electrics in it. Wow! There was a warmth and body to

the sound that was instantaneous. Plus all those neat little effects. Man, I started

to fall in love with her.


Went back to trying my acoustics in her...and suddenly fell in love again. It takes some

tweaking with acoustics (particularly with an Ovation that has its own onboard EQ),

but eventually you will come upon a nice tone.


The amp is a winner. It is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. When I want to

quickly play any guitar (electric or acoustic) this is my go to amp. I love the reverb

settings, I love the Chorus/Hall effect. A little gem that is out there for a really

cheap price. I wish all products delivered what this little guy does.

You've got yourself a winner



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Looks to be a pretty good SS amp going by the specs. How does it sound.


It is a nice little amp and for $150 it was a deal. I like the sound but as BeatleNut says it takes a little tweaking to get the sound I want but it is not hard to find a good tone with either of my acoustics. I like that it has a simple control panel. I will be using it when playing with my cousin who has an Fender Acoustasonic. I do not claim that it will be as nice as the Fender but I don't feel that the Crate would sound like crap in comparison.

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