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I split my Les Paul!

Muskank Sally

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What a difference push pull pots make.

I just got my LP back from having Alpha 500k PP's added to my LP's Super Distortion and SH-2.

I'm in full 'Dual-Sound' mode with the SuperD.

It splits nicely. The stratty and Tele tones were flying out of my friends Vox AC30

glassy and crisp.

A totally new set of sounds.

Thanks to the LP Traditional Pro for its inspiration.

If I can't have 'the real thing'

I can have the next to the best thing.

I'm There!

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Draw your own conclusions' date=' (make your own joke), "Wedgie" is a reference to the other of my two passions...early Mopars.

Reguardless, wedgies always mean big fun.........



So it has nothing to do with potato wedgies? Bummer!

I always liked mine smothered in cheese and bacon with some sour cream and chives.

Good Eatin'!

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