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Epiphone w/ Bigsby?????


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I have a Epiphone les paul standard i bought last year. I was wondering if i could put a bigsby trem on it. And which one would work the best if so?


As you can see, I LOVE Bigsby vibrato's =P~


The Bigsby most often installed by the factory or after market is the B7 or B70. The B7 is sand-cast and made in America, whereas the B70 is shinier and manufactured by license in Asia. The Bigsby on the Epi Les Paul in my avatar is a B5 model. I chose that one because it doesn't have the long tail (fits better in the case, etc.). It is sand-cast and made in the US. The licensed Asian B50 model works as well. The B5/50 is usually found on the SG, Les Paul Jr., Explorer and other flat-top electric guitars. A modified version is used on the Fender Telecaster. Although the long-tail versions are designed specifically for arch/carved top guitars, the B5/50 works perfectly as well. All you may need would be a felt washer or two.


Here is the link to the Bigsby website:




Good luck and happy twangin' :D/

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I've got a B-70 on my SG. You can use either one on carved or flat tops, but like stated above the 5, 50, were designed for flat tops, and the 7, 70, and 700 were designed for archtops. There are others, of course, but not applicable to this discussion.


I bought a B-70 off ebay for cheaper than I could find it anywhere else.....



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I put a B70 on my Agile AL-3100, an LP clone. I have no problem with the guitar fitting in my case, just point the bar to the end pin. I got mine off ebay for about $85 including shipping.


One thing to consider, the Bigsby will not completely cover the stop tailpiece holes. That may or may not be an issue for you. It was for me, that is why I bought the AL-3100. It had a trapeze tailpiece, so no holes to deal with. If it is an issue with you, you might consider a Vibramate and B5. The Vibramate mounts to the tailpiece bushings and the B5 mounts to it. No holes to drill in your guitar. You're talking about $150 to go this route.

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you can get little chrome caps at Lowes to snap in the holes to cover the old stop tailpiece holes. that way you won't have to plug, and can go back to a stop if you don't like it.


If you went back, you would of course have the holes drilled in mounting the Bigsby to deal with.



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I put one on my epi lp studio.. and used the b7.. and drilled the new holes without hesitation.

I really doubt that adding a bigs to an epi would do anything but increase it's value.

But some have chosen to use the vibramate.


It's a fairly easy install if done carefully and I have pics I saved from doing mine.

I'm not home now so I don't have enough time to post them.

I'll try asap.


I really like it.. and am glad I added the bigs.



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