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Huh, never seen these....


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In your last post you asked what kind of pickups, the cover looks to be the standard "dogear" for P-90 pickups. I was looking into replacement covers this morning for humbuckers, the product info said soldering required, so I suppose it's normal to have a metal cover soldered to the pickup. I think.

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Yeah, just on the ends, the welding that is. (I think it's a bit more than just sodering)


I'm not interested in breaking it apart or anything, guitar sounds great. Just wanted to know, P-90 copy, or some wierd cheapo that got added later.

With that name on the back of the pup, doesn't indicate epiphone or anything like that.


Tried to post as clear a picture of it as I could.


At first I thought the gold knobs were replacements for the originals, but having researched a little further, that seems to be the stock issue,(kinda wierd, chrome all over, then gold knobs?)



Guess that's what make Epi's so special.



Anyway, been busy playing, bonding, that sort of thing..........

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The covers on some are also held on by screws running through the pup.


Yea, knobs look stock, pups probably are too. They used many asian manufactures throughout the years. The pups in my LP from that era were fantastic after a potting.

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