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Epiphone Dot bridge question


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I have a new 2008 left handed cherry Epiphone Dot. I like this guitar but I am having some issues with it. Right out of the box it needs a serious setup. One thing I notice is, on the bridge the three low string saddles face the opposite way of the three high strings. Is that a factory goof? I have two other Gibsons with a similar bridge and the saddles all face the same way. I am having some intonation problems. I like this guitar, it just needs a little work. Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum!

Most (if not ALL) Epis. need a SERIOUS setup "out of the box".

As long as the bridge is facing the correct direction ("fat" grooved saddles under "Fat" strings/Small grooves under small strings) it's probably right.......I think, but don't hold me to it, that this is done to give more "travel" on the small string saddles.

Somebody find Jerrymac........he'll know!

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Goldie is right. The saddles face different directions purposely: they can travel further in the direction the flat side is facing, so they intonate better. It's completely normal on an ABR-1 bridge, as its body is narrow. You may not always see the reversed saddles a Nashville bridge, as it was purposely designed to be wider, to allow each individual saddle to travel more.


If you're having intonation problems on your lefty Dot, it may be because the bridge installed has the saddles oriented for a right handed guitar. You may just need to flip the bridge around.


If you have never intonated a guitar before, it may be wise to take it to a tech and have it done for you, as it may require a full set up. Watch closely, as the tech to decribe what he or she is doing, and ask questions. Then, it will be easy for you to intonate your guitars in the future.


You should also invest in one of Dan Erlewine's books on guitar set up. Look him upon Amazon.


Good luck.


Red 333

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