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First live video ..


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So we did our 2nd ever show on Saturday night in a great venue, in front of 100 people ... was quite nervewrecking but also a lot, lot of fun.


We recorded the whole gig so it will be a good memory, have started editing and wanted to share with everyone here a sample.


This track 'Creep' from Radiohead was probably technically the easiest, but also most enjoyable one to play as it just has such a great build up, and I think my vocal partner nailed the big notes.


Trust you enjoy it, we certainly did ... sorry no Gibby for this one.





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Thank you for the invitation. Looks and sounds good - what a nice stage and lighting. There's adventure in front of you.


Thank you very much ! Indeed it is a great venue and very well set up stage. We were a bit dumbstruck to be playing a place like this only afer our 1st gig, but sometimes things fall into place you for you.


Luckily the feedback from the audience and bar staff (who are the resident X-Factor judges and feedback providers for the booking manager) was very positive and we are almost certain to be back there soon.


Thank you for your support.

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Did you get the CW out EuroAussie???


Thanks a lot ! The CW right now is my main .. 'studio' guitar. I did buy a Baggs M1a pup hoping to use on the CW but to be honest was not happy with the tone, so right now its sitting at home. But i play around 65% of the set with the SWD (which is sitting behind me on the vid) and for a more 'woody' tone I use this Czech made Furch OM which Im particularly fond of also.

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