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1979 Gibson Dove


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I have never seen a dark sunburst on a Dove, is it original or fake? Any idea how much it is worth? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated...


Gibson Dove



What are the chances that I'd see this? I catually own a '79 Dove! Not "common" in the late 70's, (and early 80's it seems), but not unheard of...



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What does it sound like Rob? I know my '77 Bird sounded like warmed over shyte and put me off Gibsons for more than 30 years!


Well, you know the reputation of Gibson in those years....my old Dove sounds fabulous, but I've had it for 30 years, and it's just gotten better with age. It sounds better than my DIF, (2003), but I'm counting on it getting better with age too.

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