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new favorite on you tube


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I was replying to a question about folk music and recomended a particular song. While looking for it to post, i found this rock version of it.

Its called "the gael" and people will be familiar with it from last of the mohicans. this is great!!!! despite the facial expressions..lol


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type a square bracket [ then type the word youtube then type the other bracket ]


should look like [ youtube]www.genericaddress.com(the actual url of the video in your browser)then type to finish


But without the space in the bracket. I just can't type out how it's supposed to be because it'll disappear.

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OK, I do not generally spend to much time on posted videos.

But the topic interested me, and when I first clicked the embed

and started to listen I thought another "flame this video" thread as

I thought it is definitely a slooooow starter.

To my surprise and gleeeeeeeee this cat can play.


Thanks for the thread. I'm glad I waited and heard this one[thumbup]

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