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Playing a guitar amp through a bass cab...


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I've been playing lately with 2 different groups. Rather than drag my 4X12 with me to each practice spot, I've been using an old Acoustic 215BD bass cab for one of the bands. -It was already at the practice space. At first I was nervous to use it, but once I figured out the Ohms, holy crap! Those 15's really make a thud. It kinda makes me want to get a bass cab. I'm running this: Lester > TU-2 > Carbon Copy > Phase 90 > Octave Multiplexer > Big Muff Pi > 5150. I know, the distortion should go first in the chain, I like it at the end better...



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Yes, I used to use an 18x2x10 bass cab (Peavey Black Widow) under my 4x12 cab and my buddy did the same but used a 1x15 vega sugar scoop cab.

It does add an interesting sound. I also used to use a 1x15 ported Music Man cab.


This was back in like 1988, long before the "Warhead" amps came out.



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Another thing to try that sounds really good with a guitar amp is an 8x10 cab, like an SVT.

Really tight low end punch, very chuggy.




An SVT cab for guitar sounds like a good idea...


I do want a 4X10 Bass cab for guitar.....Don't need it, will get one though.....


Many years ago, I used to gig with a Ampeg Tube amp and a 2 x 15 Cab.


Wish I still had that set up.



20 years ago I also used an Ampeg 2X15 bass cab with EVs.... Vox has 1X15 cabs...never tried them...

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