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Does anyone know why the 339 is so inexpensive compared to the other Custom Shop guitars?


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My guess......it is a new design, and they may fear that no one will drop $3000 on a new, unknown instrument. Once it becomes a standard model, and sells well enough to stick around for a while, I bet they will even out the price :) Get it now folks!


I think that's right. They also introduced it at rough time in the economic cycle. They raised the street price once and then they lowered it again, so I think it's just a bad economy and a tough time for them to figure out how to price the 339's.

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They cut a few corners. The Bridge post on the ones I've seen are bent forward. I looked at several posts in reference to running out of intonation adjustments. That canted bridge is why. Easy fix though. Definitely not a deal breaker. Another thing. The case isn't going to last very long. Pretty crappy construction. Appears to be made of card board covered in vinyl laminate.


Other than that I am impressed. I have Custom Guitars made by Ron Thorn Bill Crook and Scott Lentz. Although the attention to detail isn't as nice on the 339. The playability is right up there with guitars that are twice the money. Nothing plays better than one of Bill Crooks Tele's or Scott Lentz's HSL. But I'd say this 339 play pretty close to them. I am real impressed.


The Bridge posts is definitely something you need to replace. Only real trick is getting the old posts out. They are right in the wood ( another cost cutter-no insert). Or so it appears-Just be careful taking them out. Other than that it's a very simple job.


Great guitar for the $$$

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