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Nice guitar.

Tokai's are actually very good guitars.

I would say that the LS-90 is comparable to the Epi LP 1959, 60's Tribute and the like.

The LS120SEB and LC125SEB would be comparable to the Epi Elitist line.


And then, they have the LS230 which is comparable to a Gibson Les Paul Standard whilst the top-of-the-line LS540 with its 4A Maple Top would be closer to a Gibson Custom Shop guitar.


I got this info from a guy at a guitar shop here who sells Tokai's.

I played the LS98F and was very impressed (this is indeed closer to the Epi Elitist line, but not quite).


In any case, I haven't yet decided whether I'd buy one but the LS-90 was the one that was most interesting in its price range.


Great buy!

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